After Bitcoin & Ethereum, Is CPCoin the Future?

Cryptocurrencies have been at the heart of every investor’s portfolio, especially in the past year. But while cryptocurrencies have been the talk of the town, the space has largely been dominated by Bitcoin and Ethereum. Whether it’d be Bitcoin’s record-breaking rise or the advancements made with Ethereum 2.0, these two digital assets have asserted their weight over the crypto market.

However, that also means that perhaps the days of exponential gains are over for these coins. Which raises the question – which coin is the next big thing? As altcoins are introduced to the market with each passing day, it becomes more difficult to learn and determine which coin holds the most potential. Today we’ll look at CPCoin that has embarked into the world of cryptocurrencies.

CPCoin The CPCoin is CryptoPerformance’s original utility coin. The coin itself possesses many functions – such as making a transaction on the CryptoPerformance platform, making your regular store payments, etc. Here’s a brief list of transactions can settle using CPCoin:

Fiat/Crypto Exchange fees Crypto/Crypto Exchange fees Withdrawal fees Account fees Miscellaneous fees Plus, CPCoin is purely based on a Proof of Stake network with a market capital of around $155,000 and an upper limit of 250 million coins. Transactions made with the CPCoin are quick, cheap, and easy to do, just like Bitcoin.

Token general information Token standard: IEP sub currency

Ticker: CPC

Max supply: 250,000,000

Distribution mechanism: secondary distribution via the CryptoPerformance platform

Allocation Of course, it’s also important to ascertain the holdings and allocation of the coin you’re about to buy, to see whether it is truly decentralized and has a vision aligned with your beliefs. Here’s how CPCoin fares on that aspect

50% of CPC tokens are dedicated to secondary distribution and launch incentives for the market.

20% of the supply will be deployed as “Ecosystem Development grants.”

15% of CPC tokens will be allocated as “Consumer Protection Fund.”

The remaining 15% of CPC tokens are to be granted to the Team and Founders.

Competition It’s certainly difficult for a new cryptocurrency to establish itself in the market at its very initiation since there are thousands of altcoins available. As more cryptocurrencies emerge, 90% of all coins are dragged down and don’t make significant progress thus, fail. Therefore, it is clear that it’s going to take a while until another potential coin tries to make it to the list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

The CPCoin however is different from other altcoins, since we did not just start for no reason but rather to solve problems in the investors’ community. Our primary goal has always been to increase awareness about consistent cryptocurrencies in the market and teach new investors about existing coins.

Security The CPCoin has an interesting security frame. It offers what many altcoins don’t think of delivering. It is hard-coded from Infinity Economics which uses Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and SHA256 Hashing algorithm. Both of them help to provide and maintain security and efficiency. The Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is built upon the Curve25519 algorithm. This is the same algorithm that several companies use, for example, Apple Inc for their file storage.

Future Potential After scrutinizing each facet of the CPCoin or CPC Coin, it’s easy to acknowledge that it certainly encompasses the potential to surpass others. The overall growth of the coin has been around average and holds potential.

Nevertheless, even Bitcoin at one stage was not very prominent but has now evolved into a leading cryptocurrency. Eventually, cryptocurrencies that are backed by powerful blockchains and incorporate clever additions like smart contracts manage to survive in the market.

If CP Coin continues its developments and also actively engages in its future goals, it could overtake most of the cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion To sum it up, the digital currency – CPCoin, has its USPs. Its attractive market cap also reveals how popular it can become within the crypto community space. Since crypto enthusiasts have mostly seen the top two ranked cryptocurrencies, surely a new and possibly better coin is bound to emerge through the shadows. We also advise our readers to do proper research before making any investments.

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