CryptoPerformance Group Announces Latest Update to Bridge Web2 and Web3

Sofia, Bulgaria, April 6, 2023 – CryptoPerformance Group, the leading provider of blockchain, fintech, and neobank solutions, is pleased to announce its latest update designed to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 technologies. The company’s centralised CP Platform, home of the CPCoin, is now moving to a decentralised solution, the CPCx0 Chain.

The transition to the CPCx0 Chain will mean that all transactions will now be live on the blockchain, resulting in an increase in the visual circulating supply of CPCoins, including the portion previously held for Founders and Team, which has also been released. This means that CPCoins will now be automatically distributed as transactions occur on the CPCx0 Chain, providing greater accessibility and ease of use for users. The increased circulating supply will also support the growth and development of the CPCx0 Chain and the wider blockchain community. This change marks a significant milestone for CryptoPerformance Group as it continues to innovate and bring new opportunities to its users.

The CP Platform’s move to decentralisation has led to a new and improved staking program known as “Evolution Staking.” This innovative program is designed to offer even more benefits and rewards to users, making Evolution Staking a great opportunity for those who want to earn passive income while supporting the network’s growth. Overall, CryptoPerformance Group’s latest update is poised to bring even more value to its users and solidify its position as a leader in the blockchain industry.

“We are excited to announce this latest CP Platform update, which is our biggest yet,” Giuseppe Rimola, Co-Founder and CEO of CryptoPerformance Group, “This change will allow us to provide even better blockchain solutions for our clients and the community. As we continue to innovate with this update, we are committed to bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 solutions to provide greater accessibility and usability for our clients and users. We believe this will not only benefit our community but also contribute to the development and growth of the blockchain industry.”

In the coming months, CryptoPerformance Group will be launching a suite of new business lines that will offer a range of innovative solutions for users. CP Safe will provide IBANs and Trust Services, while CP Pad will offer a Web3 Launchpad to help startups and developers bring their projects to the market. CP Investments will provide deeper insights for investors, and CP Gaming will offer immersive gaming experiences on the blockchain. For businesses, CP Merchant will enable the use of cryptocurrency for payments, while CP Pay App and CP Payroll will offer a range of payment solutions. Finally, CP Exchange will provide a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform for buying and selling a variety of digital assets.

These new business lines demonstrate CryptoPerformance Group’s commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of blockchain-based solutions to its users, as it continues to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 technologies.

About CryptoPerformance Group:

CryptoPerformance Group is a one-stop solution for all crypto-related needs, setting it apart from competitors by offering multiple digital solutions and products to individuals and corporations. It has built and financed its own in-house developed blockchain, the CPCx0 Chain, featuring sub-currencies and white-label solutions, its native coin CPC, which was launched without an ICO, as well as a global fintech platform CryptoPerformance BANQ offering digital assets and other projects with blockchain-based solutions. CryptoPerformance has a growing global community and is focused on building a strong future through innovation, its evolving ecosystem, new product launches, and marketing.

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