CryptoPerformance Group wins Blockchain Solution of the Year 2022 at AIBC Dubai Summit

March 29, 2022 CryptoPerformance Chain announced today that the company has won the Blockchain Solution of the Year 2022 at the AIBC UAE Dubai Summit held on 20-22 March 2022. The CryptoPerformance Chain is at the forefront of blockchains backed by its ultra-low fees, high speeds, and security, and has its own native coin, the CPCoin (CPC).

CryptoPerformance Chain is an in-house developed and financed blockchain, independent from the Ethereum Blockchain, providing more freedom to all sub-projects and adding simplicity to a difficult crypto market. With some of the lowest transaction fees on the market: from 0.005% to 0.06% and ultra-high transaction rates of 5000 transactions per block within 15 seconds, it is amongst the front runners of blockchain speeds. It supports hard-coded smart contracts for strong security and no errors in the transactions and blocks. Furthermore, the chain has the ability to support cross-chain connections that can be combined with a variety of other blockchain projects, enabling them to be quickly and easily transferred onto the CryptoPerformance Chain. The CryptoPerformance Chain is flexible and infinitely scalable, offering the possibility of simple integrations.

The CryptoPerformance Chain offers white label solutions to businesses and individuals alike. It supports the creation of NFTs and NFT Centers, the creation of tokens called sub-currencies, SecureWallet, explorers and App creations, and many other innovative possibilities. Features such as voting, crowdfunding, and digital assets for creating and generating investments are additionally available on the chain.

Another worthy project on the chain is the CP Charity for Charities the CryptoPerformance Chain-based philanthropy that collects donations for aid funds and gives back to those in need.

About CryptoPerformance

Founded in 2020, CryptoPerformance launched as a unique buy-and-hold platform for crypto enthusiasts. Today CryptoPerformance is a 360 solution for all crypto-needs, including an in-house developed blockchain the CryptoPerformance Chain, featuring sub-currencies and NFTs, its native coin CPC, global fintech platform CryptoPerformance BANQ, Charity for Charities blockchain capabilities and more.

Safety : CryptoPerformance operates under the rules of financial, operational and legal safety, as well as AML and KYC regulations. All transactions are processed via encrypted HTTPS connections with the use of safe TLS protocols and encryption algorithms.

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