Revolutionizing E-Commerce: CryptoPerformance Group Partners with The Space Mall to Pioneer a New Era of Online Shopping

Sofia, Bulgaria – July 31, 2023 – CryptoPerformance Group, a leading innovator in blockchain technology, is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with the groundbreaking e-commerce platform The Space Mall. Built independently on CryptoPerformance’s robust CPCx0 Chain, The Space Mall aims to pioneer a new age of online shopping by seamlessly merging augmented reality with the security and transparency of blockchain technology.

As the first major white-label project on the CPCx0 Chain, The Space Mall signifies a major milestone for CryptoPerformance Group. By tapping into the rapidly growing community of cryptocurrency users, The Space Mall provides a unique opportunity for consumers to use their digital assets for real-world purchases. Its use of the CPCx0 Chain will drive demand and increase associated fees for CPCoin, the native token of the CPCx0 ecosystem, in turn directly benefiting CPCoin holders.

We are delighted that The Space Mall chose to build their revolutionary platform on the CPCx0 Chain” said Giuseppe Rimola, CEO of CryptoPerformance Group. “Their innovative approach perfectly aligns with our commitment to transforming industries through blockchain innovation. This partnership marks an exciting step forward, and we look forward to the possibilities it unlocks for both The Space Mall and the CPCoin community.

The Space Mall: An Immersive Shopping Metaverse

The Space Mall provides a one-of-a-kind augmented reality shopping experience backed by blockchain technology. Users can create personalized 3D avatars, acquire special NFT accessories, and explore virtual storefronts from leading brands around the globe.

Two purchasing options add excitement to the shopping journey – a quick checkout for convenience or a gamified purchase mode where users can earn points and exclusive discounts. Vibrant social features like group shopping with friends and real-time interactions make The Space Mall feel like a thriving virtual mall.

For businesses, The Space Mall offers the perfect opportunity to tap into the crypto economy and its savvy users by opening virtual storefronts on the platform.

TSM Token – Fueling the Evolution of E-Commerce

To empower purchases on The Space Mall, an innovative token called TSM will be launched. Created in collaboration with CryptoPerformance Group, TSM is engineered on a secure Smart Contract framework within the CPCx0 Chain architecture. Proceeds from the TSM token sale will fund the development of The Space Mall’s immersive 3D metaverse shopping experience.

About The Space Mall

The Space Mall is an independent augmented reality shopping platform built on the CPCx0 Chain. It aims to revolutionize online shopping by blending the exciting possibilities of augmented reality with blockchain’s security and reliability. Learn more at

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